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Biological Stains

GSP Enterprise is one of the leading company that offers superior quality Biological Stain which is a type of dye that used for scrutinizing the structures in biological tissues with the aid of a microscopic instrument. The tissue to be examined is stained with a specific type of dye depending on the tissue's nature.

Biological Stain is when applied in the microscopic image and highlights the different constituents, for example, muscle fiber, connecting tissues, cell populations, or organelles inside the different cells. These Biological Stains are mostly used in the staining process in laboratories by scientists bring to light the characteristics of tissues or cells. Some of the biological stains used for such staining process which are Methylene Blue Zinc Free, Methylene Blue Stain and Methylene Blue Dye.

GSP Enterprise provides a pH indicator which is a halochromic chemical compound that added in small amounts to a solution to the pH of the solution can be determined visually.

Lithium aminoborohydride (LAB) reagents are a new class of powerful and selective reagents. The LAB reagents ability to function as both a reducing agent and amination reagent allows the researcher to perform tandem amination-reduction reactions.

This can be used are :

  • To research in a biochemistry lab
  • Examining the characteristics of tissues/cells using a microscope
  • Highlighting the structures in biological tissues
  • Identifying the presence of a selected compound DNA, protein cells, etc.

Prod No. Name of Products C.A.S NO
A-03 Acid Fuchsin 3244-88-0
A-24 Alizarin Yellow G (G) 584-42-9
A-25 Alizarin Yellow G (R) 2243-76-7
A-64 Aurin (p-Rosolic Acid) 603-45-2
A-77 Azure - A 531-53-3
A-79 Azure - B (Azur - 1) 531-55-5
A-79 Azure - 11 37247-10-2
A-80 Azure - 11 Eosinate 53092-85-6
B-03 Barium Diphenylamine Sulphonate 6211-24-1
B-06 Basic Fuchsin 632-99-5
B-21 Biebrich Scarlet 4196-99-0
B-33 Brilliant Green 633-03-4
B-42 Bromo Cresol Purple 115-40-2
B-43 Bromo Cresol Purple Sodium Salt 62625-30-3
B-46 Bromo Phenol Blue 115-39-9
B-47 Bromo Phenol Blue Sodium Salt 62625-28-9
B-49 Bromo Phenol Red 2800-80-8
B-50 Bromo Thymol Blue 76-59-5
B-51 Bromo Thymol Blue Sod. Salt 34722-90-2
C-06 Calcon (Solochrome Dark Blue) 2583-85-4
C-08 Calcon Carboxylic Acid 3737-95-9
C-11 Calmagite 3147-14-6
C-14 Carbol Fuchsin 4197-24-4
C-27 Chromotrope 2B 548-80-1
C-28 Chromotrope 2R 4197-07-3
C-46 O-Cresolphthalein 596-27-0
C-48 O-Cresolphthalein Complexon 2411-89-4
C-52 Cresol Red 1733-12-6
C-53 Cresol Red Sodium Salt 62625-29-0
D-09 2:6 Dichlorophenolindo Phenol Sodium 620-45-1
D-20 4',5' Dibromofluorescein 596-03-2
D-36 Dimethyl Glyoxime GR 95-45-4
E-03 Eosin Blue 548-24-3
E-06 Eosin Yellow (Free Acid) 15086-94-9
E-07 Eosin Yellow (Water Soluble) 17372-87-1
E-10 Erochrome / Solochrome Black T 1787-61-7
E-20 Ethyl Orange 62758-12-7
E-25 Evan's Blue 314-13-6
F-14 Fluorescein 2321-07-5
F-16 Fluorescein Complexone (Calcein) 1461-15-0
F-16 Fluorescein Sodium 518-47-8
G-16 Giemsa's Stain 51811-82-6
H-11 Hydroxy Naphthol Blue 165660-27-5
I-05 Indoine Blue 4569-88-4
L-08 Leishman's Stain 12627-53-1
M-14 may & Grunwald Stain  
M-24 Methyl Blue (Aniline Blue W/S) 28983-56-4
M-27 Methylene Violet 3Rax (Diethyl Safranine) 4569-86-2
M-36 Methyl Orange 547-58-0
M-39 Methyl Red 493-52-7
M - 46 Methylthymol Blue Complexon 1945-77-3
M-49 Methyl Violet 8004-87-3
N-11 Naphthol Green B 19381-50-1
N-14 1 - Naphtholphthalein 596-01-0
N-29 Neutral Red 553-24-2
N-33 Nitroso R Salt Gr 525-05-3
O-10 Orange G 1936-15-8
  Pan - Indicator 85-85-8
P-05 par-Indicator, Mono Sod. Hydrate 16593-81-0
P-08 Paraosaniline Base 467-62-9
P-09 Pararosaniline Hydrochloride 569-61-9
P-17 Phenol Red 143-74-8
P-18 Phenol Red Sod. Salt 34487-61-1
P-22 Phenosafranine 81-93-6
P-32 Phloxine B 18472-87-2
P-38 Ponceau S 6226-79-5
R-08 Rhodamine B 81-88-9
R-21 Rose Bengat 632-69-9
S-03 Safranine 477-73-6
S-11 Sodium Diphenylamine Sulphonate 6152-67-6
S-15 Sodium Nitroprusside Dihydrate Gr 13755-38-9
S-26 Saadns AR 23647-14-5
S-33 Sudan III 85-86-9
S-34 Sudan IV 85-83-6
T-27 Thymol Blue 76-61-9
T-28 Thymol Blue Sod. Salt  
T-30 Thymolphthalein 125-20-2
T-33 Thymolphthalein Complexon 1913-93-5
T-41 Titan Yellow 1829-00-1
T-47 Toluidine Blue 92-31-9
T-52 Tropaeolin O 547-57-9
T-53 Tropaeolin OO 554-73-4
T-58 Trypan Blue 72-57-1
T-58 Trypan Blue 72-57-1
W-23 Wright's Stain 68988-92-1
X-19 Xylenol Orange (Tetra Sod. Salt) 3618-43-7